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For any of the updates on any of will need to get in contact with Robbie at 815-541-4208.

Preschool  Monday –Friday to
Supply list along with the charges just for the program. Full time enrolled children are already enrolled at no charge.

     Your child will be tested with different developmental tools and parents will be given the assessment the goals that we want to meet and an expected time period when will be met. I want the parents also to share with me any concerns or area that they want us to work on more with their child.     
   The education for children under 5 is more developmentally appropriate for children under 5 than worksheets. I feel the same way about art, your child’s art should be their own and not something that I took from them and made it “cute” I might ask them what their picture is and I might write down what they tell me on the picture. 

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